Friday, April 30, 2004

The Doris Day Show Season One

Dinner for Mom

The Uniform

The Friend

The Matchmakers

The Songwriter

The Antique

Leroy B. Simpson

The Black Eye

The Librarian

The Camping Trip

The Job

Buck's Girl

The Relatives

Love a Duck

Let Them Out of the Nest

The Clock

The Buddy

The Flyboy

The Tournament

Love Thy Neighbor

The Con Man

The Musical

The Babysitter

The Still

The Gift

The Tiger

The Date

The Five Dollar Bill

The Complete First Season

Thursday, April 29, 2004

The Doris Day Show Season Two

Doris Gets a Job

A Frog Named Harold

Married for a Day

The Woman Hater

The Chocolate Bar War

The Health King

Doris, The Model

Doris Strikes Out

Singles Only


A Two-Family Christmas

You're as Old as You Feel

The Prizefighter and The Lady

Doris vs. The Computer

Hot Dogs

Today's World Catches the Measles

The Gas Station


Buck's Portrait

Doris Hires a Millionaire: Part 1

Doris Hires a Millionaire: Part 2

A Woman's Intuition

Doris Meets a Prince

The Duke Returns

The Office Troubleshooter

Colonel Fairburn Takes Over

The Complete Second Season

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Doris Day Show Season Three

Doris Finds an Apartment

The Feminist

How Can I Ignore the Man Next Door?

Dinner for One

Doris Leaves Today's World: Part 1

Doris Leaves Today's World: Part 2

The Fashion Show

Lost and Found

Duke the Performer

Doris the Spy

Tony Bennett is Eating Here

Cousin Charlie

Love Makes the Pizza Go Round

Buck Visits the Big City

It's Christmas Time in the City

Doris vs. Pollution

The Forward Pass

Duke's Girlfriend

Jarvis' Uncle

Lassoin' Leroy

Colonel Fairburn, Jr.

Billy's First Date

Doris Goes to Hollywood

Skiing, Anyone?

The Father-Son Weekend

Young Love

The Complete Third Season

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Doris Day Show Season Four

And Here's...Doris

Mr. and Mrs. Raffles

When in Rome, Don't

Charity Begins at the Office

A Weighty Problem

The People's Choice

A Fine Romance

The Albatross

Have I Got a Fellow for You

To England with Doris

The Sheik of Araby

Doris and the Doctor

Happiness is Not Being Fired

Whodunnit, Doris?

The Wings of an Angel

Doris at Sea

The Sorrow of Sanapur

Who's Got the Trenchcoat

Doris' House Guest

The Crapshooter Who Would be King

Cover Girl

Gowns by Louie

There's a Horse Thief in Every Familyee

The Complete Fourth Season

Monday, April 26, 2004

The Doris Day Show Season Five

No More Advise...Please

The Great Talent Raid

Just a Miss Understanding

The Press Secretary

Peeping Tom

Forgive and Forget

Debt of Honor

Jimmy the Gent

The Music Man

Detective Story

The Co-Op

Anniversary Gift

The New Boss

Follow that Dog

The Hoax

The Last Huzzah

Hospital Benefit

It's a Dog's Life

Family Magazine

A Small Cure for Big Alimony

The Magnificent Fraud

Meant for Each Other

Welcome to Big Sur

Byline...Alias Doris

The Complete Fifth Season

The Complete Series Overview

The Best of The Doris Day Show: Some Thoughts