Thursday, February 26, 2004

Elementary Season Three

Enough Nemesis to Go Around

The Five Orange Pipz

Just a Regular Irregular


Rip Off

Terra Pericolosa

The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction

End of Watch

The Eternity Injection

Seed Money

The Illustrious Client

The One That Got Away


The Female of the Species

When Your Number's Up

For All You Know

T-Bone and Iceman

The View From Olympus

One Watson, One Holmes

A Stitch in Time

Under My Skin

The Best Way Out is Always Through


A Controlled Descent

The Complete Third Season

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Elementary Season Four

The Past is Parent

Evidence of Things Not Seen

Tag, You're Me

All My Exes Live in Essex

The Games Underfoot

The Cost of Doing Business

Miss Taken

A Burden of Blood

Murder Ex Machina

Alma Matters

Down Where the Dead Delight

A View with a Room

A Study in Charlotte

Who is That Masked Man?

Up to Heaven and Down to Hell


You've Got Me, Who's Got You?

Ready or Not

All In

Art Imitates Art

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

Turn It Upside Down

The Invisible Hand

A Difference in Kind

The Complete Fourth Season

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Elementary Season Five

Folie a Deux

Worth Several Cities

Render, And Then Seize Her

Henny Penny, The Sky is Falling

To Catch a Predator Predator

Ill Tidings

Bang Bang Shoot Chute

How the Sausage is Made

It Serves You Right to Suffer

Pick Your Poison

Be My Guest

Crowned Clown, Downton Brown

Over a Barrell

Rekt in Real Life

Wrong Side of the Road


The Ballad of Lady Frances

Dead Man's Tale

High Heat

The Art of Sleights and Deceptions

Flying Into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing

Moving Targets


Hurt Me, Hurt You

The Complete Fifth Season

Monday, February 23, 2004

Elementary Season Six

An Infinity Capacity for Taking Pains

Once You've Ruled Out God

Pushing Buttons

Our Time is Up

Bits and Pieces

Give Me the Finger

Sober Companions

Sand Trap 

Nobody Lives Forever

The Adventure of the Ersatz Sobekneferu

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Meet Your Maker


Through the Fog

How to Get a Head

Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

The Worm Crawls In, The Worm Crawls Out

The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz

The Geek Interpreter

Fit to be Tied

Whatever Remains, However Improbable

The Complete Sixth Season

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Elementary Season Seven

The Further Adventures


The Price of Admission

Red Light, Green Light

Into the Woods

Command: Delete

From Russia With Drugs

Miss Understood

On the Scent

The Latest Model


Reichenbach Falls

Their Last Bow

The Complete Seventh Season

The Complete Series