Saturday, January 29, 2011

Doctor Who Retrospective: 3rd Doctor

3rd Doctor: An Overview

Story 051: Spearhead From Space

Story 052: Doctor Who & The Silurians

Story 053: The Ambassadors of Death
Story 054: Inferno

Story 055: Terror of the Autons

Story 056: The Mind of Evil

Story 057: The Claws of Axos

Story 059: The Daemons

Story 060: Day of the Daleks

Story 061: The Curse of Peladon

Story 062: The Sea Devils

Story 063: The Mutants

Story 064: The Time Monster

Story 065: The Three Doctors

Story 066: Carnival of Monsters

Story 067: Frontier In Space (Dalek War)

Story 068: Planet of the Daleks (Dalek War)

Story 069: The Green Death
 Story 070: The Time Warrior

Story 071: Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Story 072: Death To The Daleks

Story 073: The Monster of Peladon

Story 074: Planet of the Spiders

Conclusions on 3rd Doctor

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