Thursday, January 27, 2011

Doctor Who Retrospective: 5th Doctor

5th Doctor: An Overview

Story 117: Castrovalva

Story 118: Four to Doomsday

Story 119: Kinda

Story 120: The Visitation

Story 121: Black Orchid

Story 122: Earthshock

Story 123: Time-Flight

Story 124: Arc of Infinity

Story 125: Snakedance

Story 126: Mawdryn Undead (Black Guardian Trilogy)

Story 127: Terminus (Black Guardian Trilogy)

Story 128: Enlightenment (Black Guardian Trilogy)

Story 129: The King's Demons

Story 130: The Five Doctors

Story 131: Warriors of the Deep

Story 132: The Awakening

Story 133: Frontios

Story 134: Resurrection of the Daleks

Story 135: Planet of Fire

Story 136: The Caves of Androzani

Conclusions on 5th Doctor

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